Conde Nast – Objective: Access Control for London fashion college


As a requirement, the media company needed heightened security and strict access control to both their London Headquarters and their new fashion college. Access control would be vital to restrict the movement of unauthorised personnel through their establishments.

Their exact requirements included:

  • Keeping staff and students safe whilst at the college
  • Restricting movement of unauthorised personnel through the building
  • Setting up unique access privileges for large events

The ClearView Solution

To solve this requirement, ClearView selected the SATEON Enterprise access control system to install at both the London College and the company’s Headquarters at Vogue House, Hanover Square W1.

The SATEON system is 100% browser-based and eliminates the need for dedicated access control stations, whilst its powerful SQL server simplifies information analysis.

The SATEON system’s customised reporting and compatibility with other databases helped to reduce task duplication and streamlined workflow. The system enables ten days of annual administration for enrolling new students. In addition, the system allowed us to integrate CCTV cameras. Predefined events or alerts monitored by SATEON can trigger the CCTV to focus on the area in question.

The new access control system enables Condé Nast to effortlessly set unique access privileges for certain visitors during high-profile publication events. These privileges increase security by allowing guests to enter only specially selected areas during the event whilst denying them access to areas such as student classrooms, staff facilities and libraries.

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