Data Centre – Objective: Access control system installation in the Netherlands


  • Access Control proximity card readers
  • PIN and fingerprint technologies
  • Integration of access control with CCTV system
  • Central site security management system
  • No mains power at the doors
door entry system

The ClearView Solution

The access control system designed by ClearView was IP-based, so live and historical data can be seen from any authorised PC on the client’s network.

Access control readers, including proximity card, PIN and fingerprint technologies, were provided. All devices, including electric strikes and maglocks, were powered and managed over Cat5 cables from a central controller. This allowed very efficient power distribution since local 230VAC mains supplies were not required at any of the doors.

Photo ID cards were provided to all visitors and contractors. All access control infringements were immediately reported to security staff via the site’s central security management system.

Every door transaction is recorded through integrated CCTV cameras which are displayed live on security operators’ PC screens.

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