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IP Networks For Security Systems, CCTV & Access Control Essex UK

Electronic security industry

Over recent years the electronic security industry has moved into the IT space, with IP technologies growing in significance and application. Most CCTV, access control, intruder detection and intercom systems now offer IP network interfaces allowing devices or control panels to communicate over an IP infrastructure.

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IP solutions

Specialist knowledge and experience

By utilising an IP network, these technologies can work together using the same communications protocol and perform as a complete solution.

This provides savings of both the capital (up-front) costs of the infrastructure and ongoing operating costs. It also allows the security requirements of the network to be considered as a whole.

ClearView’s engineering teams have IT expertise, with specialist knowledge and experience of its application in security environments. This has been recognised by leading security manufacturers, who have appointed ClearView “approved supplier” status for their product portfolios:

We have deployed IP physical security systems across a range of environments, both in the new installation of pure IP solutions as well as the migration of legacy systems to IP through hybrid solutions.

Cost and Efficiency savings
Benefits of IP Networks

Lower installation costs since all devices can run over the same (perhaps existing) network. Since each device has an IP address, it can be monitored remotely for maintenance purposes. This provides significant cost savings. When providing support services we are able to resolve around 75% of system faults via network interrogation, negating the need to despatch an engineer to the site. We are also able to detect signs of a possible future problem, and correct it, before it manifests itself as a fault.


Our networks can employ high capacity, high performance switching architecture which incorporate a self-healing mechanism to ensure that any point of failure does not result in a total loss of service. The intelligent routing software identifies which path is the most efficient for each data packet, and then routes the packet to its destination on the fastest path. Each fibre or CAT 6 connection has two routes between any termination point on the ring and the controller – clockwise and anticlockwise.

Dual system servers, primary and secondary, may also be used to provide resilience where they can be located at separate geographical locations to ensure continued operation in the case of physical failure.


CCTV camera signals may convert to IP signals at the camera itself, at local hubs, or at the central control location – depending on the most practicable design. Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, and CCTV monitoring, can be located at any point on the network.

IP Access Control

ClearView’s IP door controllers allow each access controlled door to connect to the central management system over the IP network. PoE technology allows all access control hardware at the door to be powered over the IP network. This avoids the need to provide local mains 230VAC power at each door.

Benefits include lower installation costs, lower power costs, lower management costs, better reliability, increased flexibility and full use of the existing infrastructure.

IP Intruder Alarm

ClearView’s intruder alarm systems are capable of providing an IP interface so that they can be monitored remotely over the network. This connection also allows remote preventative maintenance audits to be undertaken in support of site maintenance checks.

IP Intercom

IP intercoms allow video/audio two-way communication between the site (perhaps a vehicle gate) and a central monitoring location.

IP Public Address

Loudspeakers on sites can be used to broadcast a message or warning from our remote monitoring station instructing visitors on what they should do. IP loudspeakers are used by our clients for routine communications using their existing network infrastructure.

IP telephone

IP telephones are used with the security management system as intercom or public address terminals.

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