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Prison Cell CCTV Cameras

Prison cell CCTV technology enables operators to record and monitor police and prison cells, thereby elevating the standard of care and promoting transparency in prisoner treatment by law enforcement.

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available in a variety of options

Bespoke Designs

ClearView manufactures a range of prison cell cameras, specifically designed for installation in police and prison cells and are available in a variety of options:

  • Colour/mono 600TVL with wide-angle 2.6mm auto iris lens
  • Infra-red illumination
  • In-built microphone or Two-way intercom
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Prison Cell Cameras are an essential component of modern prison management and play an important role in maintaining safety, security, and order within the prison environment, for both the police and the prisoners.

CCTV in custody suites

Operating with the highest level of vandal resistance

Experience the innovation that revolutionised police surveillance! ClearView has been making a difference since 1996 by providing cutting-edge, ligature-free cameras to law enforcement agencies. We were proud to be the trailblazers who brought full CCTV coverage to Kilburn Police Station in London, setting a new standard in cell monitoring. With thousands of installations under our belt, ClearView continues to lead the charge in safe, secure police custody.
Unlock a new level of cell surveillance with ClearView’s cutting-edge cameras. These innovative devices come housed in specially designed two-part “cell” casing, delivering crystal clear images in colour or monochrome with a resolution of 600 TVL. The wide-angle 2.6mm auto iris lens ensures you see everything, even the area directly below the camera. Get a complete view of every cell and leave nothing to chance.
Illuminate the darkness and capture every detail with ClearView’s cutting-edge cameras! The in-built “Black” 850nm infra-red illumination option transforms even the darkest of cells into a brilliantly lit surveillance arena. The cell is left in complete darkness at night, as far as the prisoner is concerned but allows for clear video footage.
Protect your surveillance and ensure safety with ClearView’s state-of-the-art cell cameras! Designed with zero sharp protrusions or ligature points, these cameras provide maximum vandal resistance for ultimate peace of mind. Installed with ease using a two-part construction, maintenance is a breeze. Choose from two flexible formats, both equipped with optional IR illumination and microphone for complete coverage
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Prison Cell CCTV Features

Triangle corner mount

Prison Cell Triangle corner mount CCTV Camera

Built into cell light fitting

Prison Cell Built-in cell light CCTV Camera

Video Masking- To protect prisoner privacy, a video mask is available to cover the WC area with the area of mask set according to the size and position necessary for CCTV viewing.

In-built Microphone- High-sensitivity microphones may be built into the camera housing. These do not require batteries or separate mains supplies and will pick up all sounds within a cell.

Two-way Audio- An add-on facility is available that enables a custody sergeant to communicate with each cell via telephone handset or computer at the charge desk. A two way conversation can then be held between the desk and cell.

Additional manufacturers that we support and maintain include: Samsung, Axis, Panasonic, Sony, Redvision, WEC, Altron, Ganz, BBV, Pelco, Eneo, Raytec, Tecton, Mobotix, NVT, Videoswitch, Heitel, Qnap, Verint, Pentax and Dedicated Micros.

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Clearview Prison CCTV Cameras

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