Since 2021, Clearview has been entrusted with the comprehensive management of Basildon Borough Council’s CCTV system, including upgrades, installations, and ongoing maintenance services throughout the borough. Clearview’s dedication to ensuring the highest standards of surveillance has greatly enhanced Basildon Council’s ability to monitor and safeguard the community.


ClearView were contracted to continually expand the Councils CCTV, by upgrading and installing comprehensive CCTV systems across targeted borough estates, including Elizabeth Way Shops, Ballards Walk, and Felmores. The project involved the installation of cameras at specific locations, with remote viewing capabilities being of high importance. The system aimed to enhance the security and surveillance measures around the borough, preventing criminal activity, inline with their Safer Basildon Partnership.

What is the Safer Basildon Partnership: The Safer Basildon Partnership is Basildon Borough’s own community safety partnership (CSP). It has the vision of “Working together to make Basildon a Safer Place”. As part of achieving this, Basildon Council operates a Public Space CCTV system recording CCTV footage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from camera locations across the borough.

The main objectives of the council’s Public Space CCTV operations are to:

  • help reduce the fear of crime
  • help deter and detect crime
  • enhance community safety
  • assist with traffic management
  • assist in support of any civil proceedings
  • discourage anti-social behaviour, including alcohol and drug related issues

ClearView is proud to be supporting the Council in achieving the goals set out under this Partnership.


Site 1: Ballards Way –

Equipment and Installation:

ClearView has strategically installed six 4mp turret cameras at Ballards Walk, funded through the ‘Safe & Sound Estates Programme‘. The camera locations were carefully selected to cover vital areas including walkways, shops, and parking areas. To enhance durability, all camera cables were installed in PVC conduit with metal fixings.

This comprehensive set of six new cameras is the first installation in this location and was made possible through the data analysis conducted under the safe and sound project. The analysis indicated that the cameras would greatly benefit the Ballards Walk shops. For more information on the Programme and project funding, refer to the Council’s news article.

Remote Viewing: To enable remote monitoring, we fitted a 4G router, allowing the security control room to view live and recorded images. ClearView’s engineers configured the router to allow remote CCTV viewing.

Site Cables & Camera Power: ClearView employed Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, utilizing Cat5 computer network cabling to transmit video signals from the cameras to the NVR.

Site 2: Elizabeth Way –

Equipment and Installation:

ClearView was entrusted with the task of designing, supplying, and installing a 4-camera CCTV system at Elizabeth Way. The system, funded through the Essex Violence & Vulnerability Unit’s Listening Project, comprised high-resolution 4MP turret cameras connected to a Networked Video Recorder (NVR). To ensure comprehensive coverage, the cameras were strategically positioned to monitor key areas including shop entrances, rear alleys, and the car park.

Elizabeth Way shops, located on the Five Links estate, attract a significant number of young people who pass by on their way to and from school. The installation of these cameras is a result of the insights gathered from the Listening Project commissioned by the Violence and Vulnerability Unit. The project engaged with young people to gather their views on safety, particularly regarding gangs and knife crime.

Recording & Monitoring: The footage from these cameras is transmitted back to the Basildon Centre, enabling both live and retrospective viewing for enhanced surveillance and security.

Site 3: Felmores –

Equipment and Installation:

ClearView has undertaken an extensive upgrade of the existing CCTV system at Felmores shops. The previous four cameras, which did not transmit footage back to the Basildon Centre, have been replaced with eight new bullet cameras. These new cameras provide coverage for the walkways adjacent to the shops and the car park area.

The installations featured 4MP cameras with different lens types, all connected to a Network Video Recorder (NVR). To protect the cameras and NVR from the elements, a large weatherproof box was installed on top of an existing column. Additionally, remote viewing capabilities were facilitated through a 4G router.

Remote Viewing: As part of the upgrade project, we have upgraded and linked back to the control room, marking the first time that CCTV footage from Felmores shops can be accessed from the Basildon Centre.

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