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Video analytics

Video analytics now extends the value of camera systems far beyond loss prevention.

ClearView’s CCTV technology helps retailers through accurate people-counting, quick identification of VIPs, the optimal layout of goods and reduced waiting times helping you optimise operations and improve customer experience.

Valuable insight

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning enable us to give retailers valuable insight into real-time operating conditions.

We have innovative solutions for:

  • People-counting, to track customer flow and numbers
  • VIP recognition, so retailers can tailor service to key individuals
  • Heat mapping, to show the popularity of specific goods
  • Queue detection, to monitor queue length and abandonment
  • Point of Sale (POS) integration, to link till transactions with CCTV footage
People Counting

Would you like to know how many people are visiting your store? Are you interested in improving customer service and optimising your marketing budget?

An understanding of the conversion ratio of passing traffic allows retailers to target marketing effectively. Understanding the number of customers that enter your shop during different times of the day/year allows you to allocate resources to maximise sales. The data can be benchmarked between stores to inform operational strategy.

ClearView’s people counting solution uses high-resolution IP cameras to clearly distinguish the number of people in a group. It handles situations where people linger or make a U-turn in the counting zone in a variety of challenging lighting conditions – including strong back-light often present at store entrances.

The system can report on:

  • Conversion rates
  • The occupancy rate of a building
  • The number of visitors at any moment
  • Peaks of visitors’ activity in the store
  • Activity in a specific store areas
  • Number of visitors in comparison with the number of employees
  • Customer re-visits
VIP recognition

Loyal high-end or VIP customers are valuable to retailers, but service staff don’t always identify them immediately. This means valuable opportunities to extend a bespoke service can be missed.

Facial recognition cameras can give retailers accurate tools to identify VIPs so staff can provide the right service at the right time.

Heat mapping

Heat-mapping cameras show retailers a colour-coded map of how much time shoppers spend in different store areas revealing hot spots and dead zones.

With a ClearView of customer flow, over time, retailers can optimise store layouts and merchandise goods effectively.  This will increase sales revenue, reducing checkout waiting times and enhance the shopping experience.

Queue Detection

Waiting time can have a significant negative effect on customer experience.  Retailers can suffer from flash queues with potential shoppers leaving before purchasing. If you can understand and keep track of customers queuing and proactively reduce waiting times customer satisfaction and sales will increase.

ClearView’s queue detection solutions can help retailers manage their checkout lines in real-time. The cameras count the number of people in each queue and alarm at pre-set levels.

Point of Sale (POS) CCTV integration

Retailers lose millions of pounds every year because of shoplifting, employee theft, vendor fraud, administrative errors, vandalism, burglary and other crimes, most of which usually occur around Point-Of-Sale (POS) areas.

Point of Sale (POS) integration combines till transaction data with CCTV making it easy to identify specific transactions including receipt information, transaction IDs, item numbers, register numbers, employee numbers, location or amounts. It allows you to detect suspicious transactions and possible fraud scenarios and reduce shrinkage by efficient monitoring of the POS area.  It can automatically track suspicious transactions such as cancellations, returned items, stolen credit cards, discounted items or manual entries.

Our POS CCTV link allows store management to be present at multiple stores remotely at any time from anywhere. The solution delivers a quick return on investment.

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Our fire and security products and services are designed to meet the demands of a busy retailer. We can undertake a comprehensive security risk assessment to audit the risks, both internal and external, as well as your specific requirements.

CCTV can help you to maintain your stock security ensuring incidents of theft can be identified quickly and accurately.

CCTV can watch the shop floor, public areas, escalators and car parks where personal injury liability claims might originate. They can also be used in training to show good and bad staff activity.

Our access control systems will ensure your warehousing is secure. All systems can be monitored by our alarm receiving centre which can initiate police or key holder response.

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