Rendrive Haulage Ltd –  CCTV upgrade, CCTV Maintenance  & Monitoring 


Rendrive Haulage Ltd is one of the UK’s largest Construction haulage, general distribution and logistic companies, based in Belvedere, Kent.


To make their premises more appealing to potential leasees, they were keen to install reliable and effective security systems. The CCTV system would need to monitor their warehouse unit and the external yard. Not only would this make the premises more attractive for new tenants, but it would also protect their own business.

The ClearView Solution:

ClearView was invited to carry out a site assessment and find the most effective solution for Rendrive to increase the security of its site. A new megapixel IP CCTV system was designed, which enabled Rendrive to monitor their site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This level of surveillance uses the latest in technology to provide clear images throughout the day as well as at night. Authorised staff are able to review footage from a centralised computer in case of a security breach.

Service and maintenance were also very important to Rendrive. ClearView provides the logistics company with regular preventative maintenance to check the running of the equipment. This ensures the system is working to its fullest potential and helps to eliminate future problems.

“We were impressed with both the quality and adaptability of the systems on offer. The equipment was specified, installed and commissioned by qualified, competent and knowledgeable staff. The ability to access quality images remotely via Android and IOS devices is a great feature of the system.”

Tony O’Malley – Managing Director

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