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Marine Security Systems

Effective security systems

Effective security systems are critical to the safety and security of vessels, ports and harbours. This includes the supply of equipment and systems on-board boats, ships & yachts.

ClearView has specialist experience in designing security systems for some of the largest names in world shipping, with cost-effective solutions for their fleet.

Security is paramount
Vessel Security

Piracy against merchant vessels is the single biggest threat to the world of shipping, with over 2000 attacks taking place over the past few years. Crew are at risk of injury, kidnap or death. Protecting these crew members, should an attack take place, is paramount. Obtaining insurance for vessels due to operate in areas highlighted as “at risk of piracy” can prove extremely difficult and expensive without provision for the health and safety of the crew.

Full coverage network
Fast network implementation for Ships

ClearView’s security networks are delivered using our industrial Powerline communications (Ethernet over power EoP), thereby removing the expensive and associated downtime of running cables around a vessel.

A full coverage network can be delivered in a short timescale with no disruption to passengers or vessel operation. The technology enables companies to provide data services on existing tonnage without the need to lay new cables.

By using EoP technology the ship’s existing electrical circuit can be transformed into a digital network that can deliver data, voice, image and sound files. Significant time and cost savings result.

The network can distribute any IP service (including broadband) to cabins and offices, or marine CCTV for ship security and health and safety. New services can be accessed simply by plugging the powerline unit into a power socket – turning the socket into a data port.

CCTV video analytics
Advanced Video Analytics for Shipboard Security & Pirate Deterrence

ClearView’s advanced video analytics systems can be used on-board at port and at sea.

At portMarine CCTV cameras can be used to monitor the area around the ship for unwanted intrusions. Video analytics can be used to send alerts when user defined off-limits zones are invaded while ignoring the traffic-allowed zones. The perimeter detection area may be quickly and easily modified to fit the location once the ship is docked.

At sea: the system can be used to provide man-overboard alarms, detect the presence of other surface traffic in the area, and track their movements. Integration with thermal images can provide enhanced, all weather, day and night imaging. Radar integration will enable precise relative position tracking of other traffic – even small vessels that the ship’s native radar systems would miss. On-board, the systems can also provide crowd control benefits for cruise ship applications, such as people counting and traffic movement patterns.

Marine security technologies
Marine Access Control Solutions

Access control systems for ships’ can include baggage x-ray, an archway metal detector, access control using card readers, RFID and biometrics.

Additional marine security technologies include:

With over 20 years of security experience and expertise, our team of accredited engineers can provide system design, installation and support services.

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