Lawlor Cat Hotel – Deluxe services for felines


Based in Brentwood, Essex, the Lawlor Cat Hotel is a modern take on the traditional boarding cattery. The hotel provides human-sized luxury rooms with additional deluxe services for felines. The hotel has been awarded 5 stars by Brentwood Council.


ClearView was approached with a unique request that would appeal to the cat lovers using its services. They required a CCTV system that would allow customers to remotely view live footage of their cats from anywhere in the world.

The ClearView Solution:

ClearView designed a bespoke system setup incorporating Hikvision’s HD CCTV cameras onto the hotel’s network. Clients access live footage using a secure web portal.  Here they are prompted for a login which they receive when checking their cat into the hotel. The login grants temporary access for the user whilst restricting them so they can only view the appropriate room. Each user has unlimited access to a live stream dedicated to their cat for as long as it is staying at the hotel.

“Lawlor Cat Hotel has been hugely successful, and part of that is down to ClearView.  They thought outside the box, and their “can do” attitude and flexibility meant they delivered remote CCTV access for my customers so they could view their cats when they are on holiday from anywhere in the world. It wasn’t without its challenges, but the way ClearView worked around those challenges and its customer services was just fantastic at a competitive price. 

They were so good they are the main storyline in my book Archie and the Lawlor Cat Hotel.  I would highly recommend them.  You can easily tell they are a privately owned company.  They really stand out from the rest.”

Jane Lawlor—CEO—Lawlor Cat Hotel.