New Spitalfields Market – CCTV Upgrade and Maintenance Contract


New Spitalfields Market is a 32-acre site including: 115 independent wholesalers, multi-storey buildings, multiple cafeterias, a waste recycling area, fuel retailer and car park for around 1900 vehicles.

ClearView were nominated the successful bidder on a tender to upgrade the CCTV at New Spitalfields Market. The system comprised of 146 IP cameras installed around the market. These were integrated into a Video Management System used by security and management staff.

Spitalfields Market CCTV Upgrade


The main aim of the CCTV system was to combat littering. The site authority were spending over £2 million per annum just to keep the site clean and free of waste/litter. The secondary aim of the system was to assist with staff safety, site health and safety, security, enforcement and incident management.

Our design was based on us installing an IP network specifically for the CCTV utilizing wireless links across the site. The CCTV consisted of high resolution static IP cameras , used for observation purpose, across the site ensuring zero blind spots with all areas covered by at least one camera. We included specific cameras for number plate recognition so vehicles could be tracked and logged, creating a simple and efficient enforcement process for the CCTV operators. This ensured that if an incident occurred the operators were able to pinpoint the incident, download the footage and share with the appropriate authorities.


It was important for the project to be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to the day to day site activities and other workers on site. Flexible working hours were required to avoid disturbance to the markets large variety of operations. A mobilisation plan was agreed with the buyer, including key milestones, dependencies and risks.  In addition to this, we created a communications plan and ensured that the on-site CCTV operatives were briefed at the beginning and end of each day with our progress. A SMSTS qualified Site Manager was assigned to the project who would ensure daily checks, toolbox talks, dynamic risk assessments and method statements were carried out and understood by all members of the installation team. A copy of our safe system of work has been provided under Appendix D. Working at height was a risk due to us utilising our cherry picker for all of the works. All working areas were to be cordoned off to protect all from potential hazards. A permit had to be sought from the security office on site every day to ensure there were no Working at Height plans that would effect site safety.

CCTV install at Spitalfields market


Prior to the CCTV being installed, the stall holders, knew where the blind spots where on the CCTV and knew where they could litter their waste without being picked up on the CCTV.

A new CCTV system was of the upmost importance for the personnel managing the operation of the site who have been paying excessive amounts of money to keep the site clean. Stall holders would now be caught on CCTV and fined for any waste not disposed of correctly.

Utilising the stakeholder analysis, carried out prior to the installation, we were able to report the issues and carefully navigate this conflict. To do this, ClearView engaged the stall holders, providing information and data on the CCTV system and talking through the reasons as to how the system will ensure the safety of the staff, all visitors and the premises.

Spitalfields market CCTV install

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