Maldon District Council – Objective: CCTV system installation in Maldon, Essex


Maldon Council’s requirements included:

  • Minimum number of cameras possible
  • Cameras to blend in with the surroundings
  • Night vision capability
  • Easy search and access to recorded images
  • Images to be viewable from anywhere on the Council’s network

The ClearView Solution

ClearView installed a combination of high-performance pan, tilt and zoom cameras and wide-angle infra-red cameras. These provide excellent coverage at all hours, with the ability to concentrate on trouble spots if required. In addition, images are recorded onto digital recorders and live or recorded images can be viewed from workstations across the network.

ClearView designed and manufactured bespoke brackets to blend in with their surroundings.

“ClearView provided an excellent service to us. The CCTV system not only provides a good deterrent against theft and vandalism, but it has also given us good identification images when incidents have occurred.” Terry Cleaver – Maintenance Manager, Maldon, Essex

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